Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stars like Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty 'eroding children's moral values'

By Graeme Paton, Education Editor Last Updated: 1:45AM BST 30/06/2008

The celebrity culture in Britain is eroding children's moral values, a report claims.
The behaviour of pop stars such as Amy Winehouse, Pete Doherty and Lilly Allen is fuelling bad behaviour and promoting materialism, according to the report.
A survey of almost 1,200 adults found the majority of parents were concerned abut the values children were learning from those around them.

Labour no longer trusted on NHS reforms

By James Kirkup Last Updated: 2:16AM BST 30/06/2008

Labour is no longer the party trusted to bring in the health reforms that are needed to safeguard the NHS for future generations, a poll for The Daily Telegraph shows.
Barely one in five people believe the Labour party will deliver a better health service over the next ten years, the You Gov poll shows.

Queen to buy £10 million private jet

By Andrew Pierce Last Updated: 4:06PM BST 29/06/2008

Buckingham Palace, which has a £32 million backlog of essential repairs because of a shortage of cash, is pressing ahead with plans for a small private jet for the Queen.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blond, white schoolboy is al-Qa'eda extremist, say police

By Richard Edwards, Crime Correspondent Last Updated: 8:06PM BST 25/06/2008

A schoolboy aged 12 has been identified as an al-Qaeda inspired extremist after sending beheading videos to his classmates, police have disclosed.
Anti-terrorism chiefs have said the example revealed how violent extremism is spreading “like a virus infecting young minds”.
The blond, white schoolboy from West Yorkshire is among 120 people being dealt with by police in a new anti-terrorism scheme targeting al-Qa’eda inspired youths.,-white-schoolboy-is-al-Qaandrsquoeda-extremist,-say-police.html

Fuel could hit £1.47 a litre after Opec oil price warning

By Robert Winnett, Deputy Political Editor Last Updated: 4:08pm BST 26/06/2008

Motorists could see fuel prices rise to £1.47 a litre over the summer after a warning from the head of Opec that the cost of oil is to increase sharply to between $150 and $170 a barrel.
Chakib Khelil, the Algerian Energy Minister and president of the Opec group of oil-producing nations, made the prediction today during an interview with French television.
He warned that the oil price will continue rising from their current level of $135. Mr Khelil believes that prices may fall later in the year although some investment banks forecast it will hit $200 a barrel next year.

Extra security at train stations amid terror attack fears

By David Millward, Transport Editor Last Updated: 2:46PM BST 26/06/2008
Teams of police with sniffer dogs and bomb detecting equipment are to patrol the rail network amid fears over a transport system terror plot.
Police sniffer dogs at Waterloo railway station during a terrorist alert
The move, announced by Tom Harris, a transport minister, will see passengers facing tighter checks at a number of stations around the country.
Police will also use their powers under the Terrorism Act to stop and search anyone who arouses suspicion.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A million patients battle against polyclinics

By Kate Devlin, Medical Correspondent Last Updated: 7:11AM BST 12/06/2008

More than one million patients have signed a petition protesting against plans to close hundreds of GP practices to make way for polyclinics.
The BMA is concerned that the new clinics will destroy the relationship between patients and their family doctor.
The signatures, collected by the British Medical Association (BMA) in just three weeks as part of its "Support Your Surgery" campaign, will be presented to Gordon Brown at Downing Street today.

Secret intelligence dossier on al-Qa'eda 'left on commuter train' in latest data breach

By Robert Winnett and Christopher Hope Last Updated: 3:20AM BST 12/06/2008

Top secret documents containing the security services' latest intelligence on the al-Qa'eda terror network have been left on a commuter train, raising renewed fears over the Government's handling of sensitive data.
The two documents include the latest assessments from the Joint Intelligence Committee on al Qa'eda and the situation in Iraq.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Islamic extremists should get therapy, Home Office tells local councils

By James Kirkup, Political Correspondent Last Updated: 6:11PM BST 03/06/2008 |

Police and councils have been told to avoid putting some Islamic extremists through the criminal justice system.
Members of extremist groups have have not “clearly” committed a crime would receive therapy and counselling under new Government plans to “deradicalise” religious fanatics.
The Home Office is to announce an extra £12.5 million to support new initiatives to try to stop extremism spreading,-Home-Office-tells-local-councils.html

Murder plot mastermind deported asylum seekers for Home Office

By Caroline Gammell Last Updated: 1:31PM BST 02/06/2008

A man who masterminded a murder plot ran a firm which was employed by the Home Office for more than two years deporting asylum seekers, it has emerged.
Critics accused the Government of not carrying out proper checks on Mark Ayres who - under the name Mark Heaver - was jailed in 1995 for 13 years for arranging the killing of boxing manager Michael Donovan.
Released early from prison, Heaver changed his identity and set up the security group ITA (Overseas Escorts), which was established in 2005 primarily to manage a Home Office contract to "remove and deport failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants from the UK".

Mothers Against Violence campaigner Pat Regan: Grandson held over death

Paul Rogers The Times June 3, 2008

Statistically, she was just another victim of violent Britain, but the bleak irony of Pat Regan’s death will be lost on no one. The 53-year-old mother of five made it her mission to wipe guns and knives from the streets. On Sunday, she was found stabbed to death.
Mrs Regan’s campaign, which started after the fatal shooting of her own son in 2002, led to her being courted by Cabinet ministers, praised by royalty and photographed with Tony Blair.