Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spending cuts 'will put national security at risk'

By Andrew Porter and Thomas Harding Last Updated: 12:51am GMT 21/02/2008

Fears have been raised that national security is being put at risk by major reductions in defence spending.
Industry chiefs also warned that economic stability and manufacturing jobs would be jeopardised if military projects are cut.
Their statement comes as defence chiefs and top civil servants today attend a key meeting of the Defence Management Board that will make decisions on the £31 billion defence budget.


Michael said...

Spending cuts. How could they!

If only this horrible place would do nice things like choking children.

Badnewsblogger said...

They do!

Michael said...

Soldiers choke children for fun in Britain?

You really should do a post on that - might make more of an impression than 'cat stuck up tree in Britain today'. LOL!