Sunday, September 21, 2008

Labour conference: Gordon Brown given nine months to save his job by Cabinet loyalists

By Andrew Porter, Political Editor Last Updated: 6:02AM BST 22 Sep 2008

Gordon Brown has been given until next June by senior Cabinet ministers to prove himself capable of saving Labour from a general election meltdown or face being unseated.
For the first time those loyal to Mr Brown have put a time limit on the Prime Minister's survival.
Mr Brown pleaded for more time to turn around Labour's problems but admitted he had made mistakes. "I will do better," he said.
In Manchester for the Labour party conference, the Prime Minister refused to entertain the idea of stepping down in an attempt to revitalise the party under a new leader. He said he would be letting down the British people if he decided to "bail out."
But one Cabinet minister told the Telegraph he has nine months to improve Labour's standing in the polls.

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