Saturday, January 12, 2008

Peter Hain: Donations cover-up claim is absurd

By Patrick Sawer Last Updated: 7:12pm GMT 12/01/2008

Beleaguered Work and Pensions Secretary Peter Hain came out fighting today, saying it was “absurd” to suggest he had tried to cover up donations to his deputy leadership campaign.
In response to mounting calls for his resignation, Mr Hain said he would “get on” with his cabinet jobs.
Peter Hain has the full confidence of the Prime Minister, said Downing Street.
He said he would now make immediate arrangements to repay £25,000 given to him as an interest free loan by wealthy diamond dealer Willie Nagel.;jsessionid=0PWN4H5UAHJUZQFIQMGSFFOAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2008/01/12/nhain612.xml

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