Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Doctors call for end to cheap alcohol

By James Kirkup and Nic Fleming Last Updated: 6:59am GMT 14/11/2007
Increasing numbers of people are suffering serious liver disease as a result of Britain's heavy drinking culture, doctors warned yesterday.

The new figures were released as pressure mounted on the Government to act against supermarkets selling alcohol at knock-down prices, in some cases for as little as 22p for a can of lager.
Leading doctors and charities highlighted the steep rises in alcoholic liver cirrhosis and drink-related deaths as they launched the Alcohol Health Alliance, which brings together 24 health groups to lobby for changes in drinking laws.
The figures show a 95 per cent rise in alcohol liver cirrhosis rates since 2000. In the two years to 2006, cirrhosis rose by 36 per cent.

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