Sunday, November 4, 2007

The royals & a toxic court

The young Windsors and their hangers-on who keep the royal soap opera rolling.
Susie Mesure and Andrew Johnson report on another week of toe-curling headlines
Published: 04 November 2007

In the soap opera that is Britain's Royal Family, one part of the cast seems destined to provide less than elevating storylines for years to come: its younger generation and their coterie of friends, hangers-on and trainee courtiers. They are fast becoming the royals' toxic twentysomethings, and in the past seven days they have been on vintage form.
It has been, even by the rococo standards of the Windsors, a fine week for toe-curling headlines. Last Sunday, there was "Royal victim of coke and sex blackmail bid". This was followed by "Police question Prince Harry over hen harrier shooting". And yesterday, the Daily Mail ran a spread headlined "Why does Harry drink so much?" replete with details of Knightsbridge nights running up £1,567 bar bills and 23-hour drinking sessions.

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