Sunday, November 18, 2007

Our forces can't carry on like this, says General Sir Richard Dannatt

By Sean Rayment, Defence Correspondent Last Updated: 1:30am GMT 18/11/2007
The head of the Army has warned that years of Government under-funding and overstretch have left troops feeling "devalued, angry and suffering from Iraq fatigue", The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.
General Sir Richard Dannatt, the Chief of the General Staff, reveals in a top-level report that the present level of operations is "unsustainable", the Army is "under-manned" and increasing numbers of troops are "disillusioned" with service life.
General Dannatt describes his report as an accurate and vivid picture of Army life
Gen Dannatt states that the "military covenant is clearly out of kilter", and the chain of command needs to improve standards of pay, accommodation and medical care.;jsessionid=3EUXGTQD11GR1QFIQMFCFGGAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/18/nforces118.xml

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