Friday, October 10, 2008

BBC radio presenters suspended after mocking disabled people

By Nicole Martin, Digital and Media Correspondent Last Updated: 4:40PM BST 10 Oct 2008

Two BBC radio presenters have been suspended for using a derogatory term to describe disabled people live on air.
Andrew Hawes and Ian Hart have been taken off the airwaves at BBC Southern Counties after using the term "window licker" during a football phone-in show.
Action was taken after Mr Hart told a football fan to "go and lick a window" during a row about Mickey Adams the manager of Brighton and Hove Albion.
His comment was followed by Mr Hawes urging "any window lickers out there" to call the show.
A Mencap spokesman said the charity was "appalled" that such "offensive language" was still being used.
"People with a learning disability are a valuable part of our society and it is a disgrace that they are treated as objects to make fun of," he said.

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