Friday, October 10, 2008

Terror trial: 'Bombers shouted God is great as they smashed Jeep into Glasgow airport'

By Duncan Gardham Security Correspondent Last Updated: 5:23PM BST 10 Oct 2008

Two alleged terrorists threw petrol bombs and shouted "Allahu Akbar" - meaning God is great - as they drove a flaming Jeep into Glasgow airport, a court heard.
The vehicle, driven by Kafeel Ahmed, a PhD student from India, smashed into the airport at 3.13pm on June 30 last year.
Ahmed, 28, who died a month after the attack, had prepared a will addressed to Osama bin Laden and the leaders of jihad [holy war] in Iraq, Woolwich Crown Court was told.
The alleged suicide attack was only launched after Ahmed and his associate, Bilal Abdulla, a doctor from Iraq, failed to blow up two Mercedes cars packed with gas canisters, petrol and nails a day earlier outside the London night club Tiger Tiger, it is claimed.
After leaving the cars, the two men fled by catching separate rickshaws to Marble Arch, before meeting up on Edgware Road and returning to Scotland, the court heard, stopping at Stoke-on-Trent to meet Mohammed Asha, a Saudi-born doctor who was on-call at the local hospital.
The next morning they drove to Loch Lomond to prepare for their attack on the airport.

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