Friday, October 17, 2008

Financial crisis: David Cameron blames Gordon Brown for Britain's 'broken economy'

By Jon Swaine Last Updated: 12:45PM BST 17 Oct 2008

David Cameron has broken an uneasy truce over the financial crisis blaming Gordon Brown for breaking Britain's economy with policies that now "lie in ruins".
In a blistering criticism of the Prime Minister the Conservative leader accused Mr Brown of "complete and utter failure" in his management of the economy.
While defending his decision to approve Mr Brown's rescue package for Britain's banking sector, Mr Cameron added that he wanted to make "crystal clear" that this was as far as his party's support would go.
"This crisis has highlighted just how mistaken Labour's economic policy has been," Mr Cameron said in a speech in the City of London.
Accusing the Prime Minister of spending and borrowing "without restraint", Mr Cameron said: "The economic assumptions that Gordon Brown made in the last decade now lie in ruins."

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